Your 90 Day Milestone

Your first 90 days is your survival time. Do you have what it takes?

Don't mess up. No accidents. No lost keys. Do you like your job? Can you handle the stress?

After your 90 days your pretty much golden. You have full Union backing and you have more rights. This means it's a little tougher for you to be fired but not impossible.

In a nutshell it's a probation time to see if you can adapt to your job. If you aren't adapting then they can let you go.

Are you needing extra help every day? Be proactive! Ask others for tips, tricks anything to show you want to be better and apply them! Other RCAs will become tired and ruthless if they run their full route and have to help you every day! It gets old fast especially during Christmas when we are all worn out. Find your own hustle!

After your 90 days you must bring donuts. Haha j/k, its optional.

Keep up with your days!

How do I know when my 90 days are over?

Someone's idea for keeping track of their 90 Days was putting 90 paperclips on a hair tie. Start with 90 clips and take one off ever day you work! Cute or masculine and easy!

There is no other way to know if your in your 90 days. You and you only will know if your past 90. Keep up with it! It's important.