Most frequently asked questions and answers 

I will add these occasionally. 

What is the difference between a J and K route.

It is based on volume, distance and time. 

It determines the route salary and day off. 

K-Routes: If the route is a 45k; the regular has 45 hours a week to complete their duty. 45 hours/5 days. It should take 9 hours to complete the route each day. 

The K route has plenty of boxes to serve and generally enough miles. Guys, it gets technical so I amma leave it there. 

A K-route gets one day off each week. 

A J-Route: If the route is a 45J; the same applies as the K route. 

The difference is the volume. 

A J route has enough miles to make it a full route but the box volume is less. 

A J-Route gets every other week off. 

There is also an H route I don't know anything about those but the have no relief day. I would say they were aux routes that just barely full time? Sounds good to me. 

Do RCA get Vacation Or Holiday Pay. 

No! RCA's do not receive any “extras” ever. New Years day (nothing). Vacation to the Alps (nothing). Birth of a baby (sorry). Only working pays you.

You will never received holiday pay!
You will never receive vacation time!
You will never earn sick leave!

Exception: Being on a hold down

Holding down a route means working on that same route every day. This type of hold down will earn you annual time which is days off. 

Should I go regular?

You can ask the masses and hear thousands of different answers. So here is my opinion in a nut shell. 

Going regular pay: Take your RCA highest pay average and divide it in half. This will be your new pay as a regular. 

With the right picks on the matrix, working 4 or 5 days a week could get you a hefty paycheck. So a $2200 every two weeks as an Rca now becomes $1100 every two weeks. As a regular you have certain deductions that are required. So you will take a hard cut.  

Going Regular Benefits: You will receive benefits. Yes health insurance, retirement and yadda but the most fruitful everyone seems to love is going home after your route. 

Staying an RCA:

You could stay an RCA and have such a good life. So what if you have to help someone later. It's hours in the bag. 

Set up an outside retirement with a financial institution or advisor. 

RCA health insurance is very affordable and great coverage. 

The only thing you will never have as an RCA is earned paid time off. But It doesn't mean you can't ask for unpaid time off for a vacation or whatever. 

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