Livin the dream

Regular or Not

Everyone one you ask will say they can’t wait to go regular. The number one reason is so they don’t have to go back out and help others. 


Not only will you love being an RCA superstar but you gonna make some fits of cash. 

So you don’t get retirement from the post office. You don’t get any paid time off. You have to help out everyday. The solution is so freggin golden that you will kick your own ass after you hear this. 

First of all you need routes under your belt. 
You need to ask around and keep a list of the highest paying and highest mileage routes. Ya. I know some of you are llv and metris van only and that’s ok! Go back through your paystubs and get this info if your shy. When it comes to matrix time snatch up these routes ASAP. Fight like hell for them. *always pick one of your favorite routes just for morale. 

Know your hours. There is nothing like getting 40.2 hours on your check and you lost all that pay. Go big or go home. If you know you are about to crest that 40 hour mark tell your super. If they are assholes and demand you go out, s o a k that shit up. I’m not taking about faking it, I’m talking about making it. Volunteer to do extra work, ask if any one needs help or if you can come in early for parcel runs. It’s your money honey. Get it or don’t. Sometimes you will eat that .2 hour of overtime. It happens and it sucks. 

Now you need a financial advisor. You pick. There is no secret answer here. You pick the person you can talk to whenever you need them. I went with Edward Jones. I can call my guy any day and get a response. 
Be open with your advisor. “I don’t get retirement” and “I don’t get paid vacations”  or the dreaded “dry spell” yadda yadda. Let them HELP YOU do what they do. 

Work. Then Play. 

Other RCAs are going to be wondering how you were able to take a 2 week vacation. It’s because you had an advisor save you some fun money! 

People preach this regular crap all the time. It’s NOT a one size fits all. Regular is great if you have little kids or other needs that you must be home at a certain time. It is understandable. It’s called priorities. 

Don’t let the health insurance fool you either. Regulars pay more for the same insurance. RCAs have great insurance plans. You just have to compare them in November. 

Going regular is hush. No one talks about the deep financial cut you will receive coming from an RCA. Or some lucky bastard will get the good route before you get regular and you’ll get a shit route. It happens!! You ask any regular. They will tell you. “Yes I took a pay cut but I get benefits and don’t have to go back out to help.” I say so what. Big whoop. Don’t let that talk fool you into taking a pay cut. 

Some of you are stuck as an RCA with no chance of being regular soon. This will work for you. Absolutely! Go on with your bad self and make that hustle money! 

Follow this at your own risk. I am not a financial advisor and everyone needs their own path to financial security. But this worked for me and I wish I had stayed an RCA. 

It’s literally that easy. Good luck. I hope this was useful to you. Now you can actually be livin the dream.