Testing Time

Yes! You have been selected Congrats!

Your still not hired but you have a lot to look forward to in the months following. As the application process will say... DON'T QUIT YOUR CURRENT JOB YET!

Next you will be scheduled to take an "aptitude" test. Don't worry. It's tough. It's tough because you will more than likely have to travel to take it.

DOIT DO IT DOOOIT! No really. You must take the test if you want to proceed. Don’t be lazy and not go. Don’t excuse yourself. Just go and do it. 

There are various practice sites. You can Google it or just click here. Don't pay for that shit. It's a hard test so take it until your eyes bleed and your head hurts.

No pass or fail so chill out, relax!

When your practicing you will want to pay attention to how the test is laid out, and get used to the directions. You might flop the first go and thats fine. Take your time to read everything in detail. Learn what the test is asking of you. After you understand then work on your speed and accuracy. For some its very natural for others with test anxiety the pratice will be your win! The first time will be awkward and uncoordinated so just because you can, take the test a few more, hundred times.

TIP: Take it right before you leave to take the real test. The actual test is a tiny bit easier in my opinion. You will be thankful you praticed because computers in general "feel" different when it's not yours. Keyboard, mouse etc. If ya feel.

Note: Be aware that the test center takes the actual score at the time of testing, not best out of 3. If you do worse the second time they will use the second time score.

Did you take the test?

No - Boo for you but Good for someone else.

Yes - Good for you! Piece of cake.

Like any test if you score well you get picked to dust the erasers outside on the playground. So, how did you do?

Did you score well?

No - Never quit your now job. Take that shit again and practice this time. *Slaps upside the head*

Yes - Welcome aboard! Not hired yet but your off to a great start!

A good score puts you on top of the pile.

Are you a veteran or immediate family* member of a fallen service member?

A vet or family* will get preferential points. I'm not sure what they are called but it gives them a boost in their score. It's fair so shut it. Don't get me started. That's why it's so important to score the best you possibly can. You may not make the top of the list but you'll be up there military or civilian.

So are you a veteran?

  • No - It's possible you will still get the job.
  • Yes - Combine your great test score and service points you will more than likely get the job over a non vet. And good for you! Thank you for your service!

Now you have to wait. wait. wait.