Express should be pretty clear in what it is.

A customer will pay for an item to be shipped one day, two or three day. These items are a great way for the post office to earn money. Express cost more so Express gets special treatment.

Express comes into the office at a certain time every day. It gets scanned, logged, and an accountability report with the clerks signature and your signature.

Take note that each item WILL have a scan code followed by a time it must be delivered and weather or not it requires a customer to sign for it or the signature is waved.

If it is a signature required then the customer must sign for the item. If it is waved you can leave it in the mailbox.

Express must be complete by 3pm. Always check your Express deadline of each item. Some items have a specific time they must be delivered by. Think of court documents or lab paperwork, time sensitive.

As a new employee you will notice that Express is actually fun and helpful! If you know the area the task is even better. Running express gives you a great idea about the different routes. The more routes you learn, the more efficient you will become at express.

The most difficult part of Express is the delivery order. Your office may provide a turn by turn or the clerks may provide you spoken directions. For the modern day RCA and oftentimes you are on your own. Thankfully there are tons of GPS software that can be used. Everyone is different and something may work better for you than others.

(I'm in NO WAY paid to promote this app but it is truly perfection.)

Road Warrior

It is simple, clean, and doesn't hog the battery. Make sure you practice with it before you start your day as it takes a little learning.

It's Free up to so many addresses! I pay for the service. I think they have made an excellent product and it's my way of giving them a donation. Enter all addresses from Express and it will order them for you into the best route option. You can add notes, delete and add on the fly, reorder manually, navigate and much more. Road Warrior is a peach of an app!

As always deliver quickly but safely!