Every time you turn around there is a holiday! These were great fun in school and as a kid but at the Postal Service it’s gonna be a wild ride! 

Each day the mail comes to your office. Every day. Even on Sundays and Holidays. So that mail and packages pile up. 

It’s tough and it will test you.

Sometimes your vehicle will be so full that you can’t move freely or find anything! That’s why organization is so important. It will still suck but at least you know about where the packages SHOULD be. 

Number those parcels, mark your DPS trays in order 1,2,3 etc, label your bundles. Doing these thing will help you deliver a bit more stress free. 

The best advice I have for you is take it one box at a time. Follow the mail, trust your parcel markers and breath deeply throughout your route. It will eventually dwindle down into the last box and your done.