Parcels and Sprs

We all love getting packages. Sometime they are a gift and sometime they are very important items that you ordered. Our customers are no different. 

For the rural guy, packages are HELL in cardboard. It is the most frustrating aspect of the whole craft in my opinion. 

198 Packages is my new record for scanning. Some guys have WAY MORE!

It can be absolutely overwhelming to try and pack a vehicle to space capacity, filling every free void with a box. It takes practice and patients and Tetris skills. Hahah. Just kidding. No I’m not. 

Parcels in the mailboxes

If a parcel does not freely fit into a mailbox, IT MUST GO TO THE DOOR! This takes time you don’t have so briskly and carefully walk it to the door and scan it at the door then ru.. I mean walk your buns back and continue on. 

Mailbox size will get you to cussin! It won’t fit, but it almost fits!!!! Run it up. Your customer will call and complain if you cram it in. Then you’ll hear from your super and the regular will know and they will let everyone know your lazy even tho you busted your ass all day. Still, you’ll be somewhat ashamed (I hope). Just save yourself some pain and run that bitch to the door. Omg. It’s not the end of the world. Oh it sucks when every package has to be run to the door but that’s your job. Do it. Until large capacity mailboxes are mandated there isn’t much of an option. 

People don’t check their box often will sometimes have a lot of packages and mail piled up in there. If the box is full, you have a spr, you have a scanner option for box is full. Return the spr and attempt tomorrow. However. Sometime it’s medicine for people. I try to make room for the medicine ones or run it up to the door. Careful sometime they are light bags and could fly away. 

Buy yourself a sturdy foldable dolly. Your gonna need it for those dog food boxes.