Setting up your vehicle


Just like casing and carrying the mail, setting up your vehicle is so important. Everyone will do it differently and every route will be carried differently. You will pick up your strategy on the first day you carry and then perfect it each time you carry.

You will experience mailers, trays, tubs, phone books, EDDM, more trays and parcels. Your setup will be a work in progress. If your finding that you have a good leave Office time but still get back late, it could be your set up slowing you down. Every time you do it you might try a new way to make it go easier and quicker.

Don't dismiss this as being silly! Time is money. Watch your regular and how they pack the vehicle. They have done this for a long time and have "perfected" the packing for their benefit. It will give you good foundation ideas to create your own way.

You will also need a place for your scanner, keys, forms, pens, accountables, rubber bands and such.

Having a platform will make life easier! You can put your trays on them instead of getting out. Lifting heavy trays will get old fast!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again! Trust your parcel markers. If it says you have a package, then guess what, you have a package somewhere in there. Get out and dig for it if you can’t find it. Granted you marked your parcels correctly. This is number #1 slow down. Having parcels or sprs not in order will kill your time. Don’t let this happen to you.