You should get a call for an interview if your in the top 20 or so. I don't know many people they choose. They might not even call you. For that I'm sorry. Reapply!

Let's say you do get a call!

It's super hard to have questions ready during an interview but try to think of a couple. It shows that your brain works and is interested. Your grown and we're all human. Relax, have fun with this experience and go with it.

Management is looking for certian things here. With human resource experience I can tell you some things that might help.

  • Physical Strength
  • Any Time Management Experience as deadlines are daily.
  • How you handle Stress
  • A clean appearance
  • Customer service experience
  • Are you able to obtain a proper vehicle
  • Personality
  • Dependability
  • Relability

They are trying to get a feel for who you are and are you worth taking the risk of dropping a lot of training time and money on.

Be honest. They will check references! Don't be too nervous. Most likely they are nervous also. Have fun and don't be a dick. You will do just fine.

Expect a call anywhere from a few days to a few months or five after your interview. Hopefully they call you one way or another. (WORST wait ever!)

Note: Despite what you will hear, an interview DOES NOT mean your hired.

Did you get turned down?

Reapply! You won't have to test again. You might but be aware that the test center takes the actual score at the time of testing, not best out of 3.

Ready to be Fingered and Probed? Background Check time!

Fingerprint and Background Check

If selected for actual employment!

Don't quit your job yet!

You still have a long way to go baby!