Carrier Academy

The Academy 

This is different from General Training

Job training is in a larger facility nearest your location. During this training, expect much of the General Training atmosphere. A good teacher makes all the difference. 

You don't have a choice of teacher so just go with it and try to learn something. 

I will tell you that no amount of training will prepare you for the real work load. This training will give you a glimpse of what you will be doing without the pressure.

You are finally going to get hands on! Happy dance. 

Don't freak out! 

This is the place you actually get your badge. For crying out loud! Don't lose that bitch in the first week! No you won't get fired or disciplined but wowzers it can't look good for you. 

Pay attention here. You will be following a manual of sorts. The manual is going to be your go to later as it's nickname is "The Carriers Bible"! It may not make a lot of sense now but flip through it and get familiar. When you go back to your room just read things that interest you. When you are actually working on the job and after about a month you will find yourself wanting to refer back. 

These are some top things you will learn:

  • Job Safety
  • Animals
  • Forms
  • Time Sheets
  • Scanners
  • Casing the mail
  • Organizing your parcels
  • Driving and LLV right hand drive
  • Customer Service
  • Making Sales " "
  • Postal Chain of Command

Hopefully it will all be fascinating and you WILL encounter all of the above things on a daily basis so keep up.

Pay particular attention to the forms and time sheets. Dont be shy, ask questions until your comfortable. 

3849, 4030, 3811 and blah blah 

Forms will be used daily so learn the proper numbers. You don't wanna be an idiot running around calling them pink, green, yellow and so on.

Reimbursement of Travel and Training

When you start your time in the office for the first time make sure you have your training paperwork, if any, and your time log from training. You will need to make copies of EVERYTHING! Don't hand your only originals over to the management. These folks are extremely busy multitaskers and could delay your reimbursement! Make copies and ask for help filling out the travel card and then copy the finished card before submitting.