The Wonderful and Mysterious Matrix

The first time you experience the matrix your mind will be blown! Not really but as a newbie you won't have much say in what your matrix does for you.

Breakdown of the Matrix

(think of a pez dispenser)

Here’s how it works!

The Matrix has a few key components. A list of all Subs, the date of hire for each, all routes and it is laid out in a grid fashion and filled with X's, P's, 2's and 3's.

Take the top guy for example. Senior Sub. (Top of pez dispenser) He was hired before every other sub. Every route he knows and has been trained for means he is qualified to run the route. He gets an X on each route he knows. His primary route (P) is run any time the regular for that route is off of work, usually once a week, Secondary (2) anytime the regular sub can’t cover senior sub can run it, and tertiary (3) picked and marked accordingly.

Each sub will have their own dedicated primary. If you don't have a 2nd or 3rd don't worry, it comes with time as you train on new routes.

The secondary and tertiary are a puzzle and it's a fun one.

If John put Rt 3 down for a secondary but your primary on Rt 3, you are to run it anytime the regular is gone. If you can't run it for what reason then John gets to run it because it’s his second pick.

Same thing with tertiary.

Basically the top sub gets his pick then everyone before you gets their pick then you will get the leftovers. Don't fret. You will soar quickly!

You will more than likely get a crap heavy route. Hey! It’s ok. Rock it like it’s yours. Learn All the routes you can. One day you will have your very own pick of routes. 

In a nutshell: Seniority rules. This applies to the entire post office from city, rural and management.