The Dreaded Wait

I will constantly refer and link you to this page. The wait is the most upsetting part of the process. You typically have no contact with management. Your forced to sit in silence and wait for your email to ding. Or you could be like one girl I knew that had a good aquantainance with the post master. He showed her what she's getting into. Lucky bitch.

So here's a break down of The Wait in no order what so ever!







Self Pitty





Out of Body Experience

Probably more but that's a good start.

In a nutshell; It's tough man! You have jumped through all these hoops and you just have to wait. You have heard it before... Hurry up and wait. Well this is the perfect example.

You applied or reapplied, tested or retested, finger printed and background checked, were accepted and your waiting on an email or have already been interviewed and waiting on a email. I get it. It's tough!

Your mind will second guess everything you have done. Your score will be researched a million times. You will be waiting for the word so you can give your current employer notice, make financial plans etc. Nothing you do will make The Wait any better.

Let's realize how large the postal service really is. When you actually make it to training you will be more enlightened. I don't have numbers but let me tell you it's HUGE! A company that large is just going to take some hard wait time. Your information is not just floating out there in the space-a-sphere. One guygal is actually working on getting it all neat and tidy for processing. I know you don't want to hear that. You want validation right now that you are employed or not! Well welcome to The Wait.