26 May 2017

Before you leave on the route and after you come back to base; Do a check! Keys, Scanner, Accountables and Time Sheet! Did I forget my DPS... Did I check for overflow packages? Anything left in my vehicle? Check the schedule. Don’t forget your time sheet or green card!

Then boogie on outta there and have a good day! You made it through. 

25 May 2017

You will hear this over and over; Keep track of your days worked.

Buy yourself a little dollar store calendar and Mark every day you work. It doesn't have to be fancy. Make an X or just a small note about what you did for the day if anything. Ideally you want to also keep track of your mileage and hours. But for the love of Pete! Keep track of your days.

There are tons of apps that you can track hours. They work. Really all you need is a calendar app. Make a note on every day you work. 

You gonna thank me later on this.

You need to know when your 90 days are up. Your going to want to know when your 10 weeks straight pay is. Your gonna want to know what days you trained and on what route!

Do it because NO ONE ELSE will. 

You will benefit from this reference.