Fingerprints and Background Check

Fingerprinting and Background check.

This one is cut and dry. It has to be done. It was probably the most exciting thing ever!

Get it done the DAY or asap when you get your kit. Trust me and let me be clear. The sooner the better.

I have heard of people using other places but the sheriff's office is where finger prints are taken.

You have heard about background checks, length of time it takes to complete them, here it is right in your face. Yay let's vote on a 90 day through background check to weed out the crazy people. Imma not lyin. Its gonna take some time so get your shit together and get it filled out TODAY!

This process is going to take some time. There is nothing you can do at this point!

If your a "virgin" citizen (teens) it might go faster. If your an older then it might take some time. You know who you are! 15 different addresses in your life, 20 different ways to spell your name and every middle name is different. It's not shameful, it just takes longer.

The Wait is so stressful but it's almost over honey!


However being sent a fingerprint kit, if you know your a model citizen, then it's a pretty good sign your IN! Still it's best to wait for the PHONE CALL! or email

If your Postmaster says welcomes to the family then congratulations. I mean it. You must be a pretty special person. Good Personality, Strong, Smart, and above all else Patient.

Welcome to Training!