General Training and Time Keeping

Training before your First 3 Days

If you have been lucky to make it this far then pat yourself on the back! Yay! Go you.

Now that you are a Postal employee you are gonna pay for it. I mean your training cost. I took around $600.00 for travel, hotel and food but I'm a big spender. Beg and borrow. Don't let the cost keep you from going! You might even be lucky enough to not need travel!

Your training is more like psychological training.

General training. Your first few days will be similar to watching training videos, take quizzes, play games, team work and fill out new employee paperwork.

They did say to bring a blank check.

(for direct deposit)

I didn't get approval in time to get a hotel room so I ended up driving 4 days at about 100 miles per day.

Dont make my mistake! Make sure you communicate with the supervisor to get hotel stay approval. It will save you some hassle and money.

I can't say this enough; Keep track of ALL miles and Hours and make quick notation of what every thing is. More on this later. It’s important. 

You do not need to keep a diary but journaling is good. You will need this information later when you claim your money back. "What's this 10 miles from 3:15 pm to 3:25 logged for?" You'll wonder and never remember. So make a note. *gas station

Some things aren't covered under reimbursement.  Still it's best to note everything.

This is a run down of what you need for any training you do before getting to the office.

  • Book a hotel and ask for government rate because it Saves you money!
  • Save or borrow gas money. Try to calculate how much you will need and then double it for good measure.
  • Bring a cooler with drinks and food
  • Try not to be nervous. We are all human!
  • Don't take a mess of notes.
  • Do take a few pens or pencils
  • You will be getting your picture taken so look like you care.
  • Don't sleep in class
  • Read all instruction throughly
  • Bring a blank check
  • Get ready to make friends or at least meet people
  • Don't bring an attitude
  • Read all instruction thoroughly (repetition intended)

Imma not lie. It sucks and is boring. However these folks just dropped a ton of money on your ass for training. Give 'em some respect. It's company policy and it's good information. I find it for younger folks that have never had a job; Work place ethics, safety and such.

This is NOT where you get a feel for the job your going to be doing. City carriers and rural guys All class here together. Its "introductory training" It's frustrating because you still don't quite know what to expect. It's hard to ask questions when you have no idea what your doing.

Are you ready for some real training? Yay let’s get to it. Click the next link.