Vehicle and Setup

  • Vehicle

Your eventually going to need a right hand drive vehicle or at least a vehicle that you can drive from the middle.

Some people buy it right away while they are in training. I suggest waiting to see what your regular drives and what the route capacity looks like before you throw down the dough.

We have folks that drive cars, vans, Jeeps and suvs. Each route is different. You don’t want something so small you couldn’t handle a larger route if you needed to, you will lose work this way. Follwing senority or not, you don’t want to lose out because you weren’t equipped with a large enough vehicle.

It's all fun until you have to come back to the office to pick up more parcels because they wouldn't fit the first time. As a Newbie that's ok but after your first 10 weeks it's gonna suck!! Plan your vehicle to fit your office and route needs. 

(For the first 10 weeks you get paid every hour worked. After that you will be getting evaluated pay. Evaluated pay is similar to a route salary.)

Right Hand Drives

RHD are pretty well sought after and you are going to drop some good money for one. Dependability and reliability is going to be your friend. You don't want to lose work because your car is constantly in the shop.

Don't get a car loan until your at least out of your 90 day probation period. Anything could happen! One accident and you could be canned! Then you would spend a lot of time getting rid of that car payment. Not to mention, you could hate this job! (it's crazy to think that anyone would)

Spend a cheap $500 on a beater. You can suffer for 90 days by ridding saddle in the middle. You just need to make sure this job is for you first. It’s hard to get rid of a car payment so don’t be hasty. 

Practice Driving in the Middle

Even though you have been trained on driving the LLV it is paramount that you practice driving whatever you chose on your own before working. Go to an empty lot and practice driving. Drive down your neighborhood if you have a row of mailboxes. Pull up to the mailboxes and carefully pull away. Refer to your training. *make sure your insurance is good before you attempt on your time* it will be awkward your first month or so. Don’t worry. Before long you’ll be ol Mr Zip! 

Sitting in the middle? Purchase a good seat belt extender if you can’t buckle across. Keep buying one until you find one that works. You must be buckled. 

Check out the links page for RHD vehicles.